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  • Unique Quality Contractors is an Edmonton-based renovation contractor specializing in construction, extensions, renovations and roofing. We proudly service our valued customers across the entire Edmonton area. We offer you a complete building solution – from the idea generation, design, drawing, planning, permit applications, all the way to construction.

On time & On budget- “Quality” is The Mantra of Unique Quality Contractors

  • 35 Years of  Combined Experience: Unique Quality Contractors has a solid reputation of delivering expert construction, superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Read our testimonials.
  • Our Value Proposition is Quality: We specialize in residential renovation and commercial restoration projects. Our objective is customer satisfaction through quality work, and to achieve this UQC collaborates with you during the entire renovation process. We make suggestions as to what construction materials can be used and strongly recommend quality where it counts. We will not allow inferior materials or methods into the process and will always advise you with the best plans and courses of action.
  • Our team: Is comprised of professionals who have true leadership skills. All of our staff members are carefully selected and thoroughly trained. They wear our name and they are proud to do so. Our staff is the heart of our product.
  • Time and Budget: Planning is everything and with experience and expertise we help you effectively plan. Your project will be managed efficiently (which is a challenging process that should not be left to the inexperienced). Delivering a quality project on time and in budget has been a priority from our very first project. A contractor with great project management skills will always save you money.
  • Core Values: A philosophy of integrity, responsibility, and of course quality has been the foundation of UQC.  This is raison d’être for our service and what separates us from the “contractor” who flips houses or the contractor found by people with the “know a guy” complex.  Core values are important and they shape every service that comes out of a business.
  • Customer Service Management: You deal directly with the project manager. If you ever find yourself needing answers you have access to the person with the answers. We get you involved early in design to help you help us.  It will always be clear where we are at in a project, the next steps, and you will always be informed when challenges arise, but you will also receive the adapted plan. If you have ever heard of the pass-through process in construction, know that we don’t do that.  We work strictly on guaranteed price and a firm schedule.

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We believe in the lifetime value of our customers like you. We do great work because we expect you will come back. We continue to build on what we have already established our reputation grows and our clients come back again and again.  Presently, more than half the our annual business comes from return clients.

When experienced customers need a general contractor they can trust: they return to Unique Quality Contractors. That is a testament to the effectiveness of our business model.

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