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What our clients say

Here are some kind words from our wonderful clients. We appreciate all of them!!

The last contractor I used never showed up when scheduled and kept delaying the project. I was forced to find a new one and lost my deposit. It was unfortunate but I was able to find Unique Quality Contractors through a friend and they were understanding about my situation. They were very professional and friendly. They started and completed the bathroom 3 days faster than they had told me and I was so happy. I would definitely use them again!


Wendy Bandong

Being totally unfamiliar with home renovations, I was intimidated by the quoting process. Unique Quality Contractors made the process easy to understand and explained things to me clearly. I learned a lot about bathroom renovations and I also got a brand new bathroom! They did great work and never left a mess (unlike my friend’s horror stories). I have already referred Unique Quality Contractors to my Auntie June and my cousin Chris.


Pat Miller

In my youth I would re-do my house for fun, creating new projects to work on. Now that I am older I cannot do these kinds of things anymore. When my wife kept on nagging about the kitchen cabinets I decided to finally let someone else take on the job. I shopped around for quotes and integrated the contractors, close to 12 contractors to be exact, before I approved of Unique Quality Contractors. They were on point with everything I asked them and did the job the way I would have. They are a great! My wife’s happy and that’s what matters.


JIm Bell

I’m a white collar kind of guy. I didn’t know much renovations but knew I wanted my basement to be my “Man Cave”. When Unique Quality Contractors came they were able to help by throwing ideas and concepts which helped me decide what I wanted. I love the work they did and will use them again when I re-do my garage next year.


Ryan Reeves

We bought a half renovated home. The kitchen was old and outdated, something out of a Stephen King novel. Okay, it wasn’t that bad. We just knew that we needed it gutted out and re-done. The master bedroom also needed a wall taken down to open up the space more. The biggest thing was to make it appealing for renters because it was our first rental house. Unique Quality Contractors made it painless and required no “babysitting”. We trusted them with the keys to the house. They kept a timeline of the project and completed it as planned. We didn’t have to take time off of work to accommodate them. It was the easiest thing! Thank you Unique Quality Contractors!


Ashley & Steve Walker

This is the second time we have used Unique Quality Contractors.  The first time was a small shower room in the basement, the next a major renovation of the master en-suite.  Stephen & Jarek did such a good job that we asked them to do our vanity at the same time.  They are nice to have around and do their best to accommodate your schedule.  Their advice is solid and we are very pleased with the result.  I have no hesitation in recommending Unique Quality Contractors.


Emer Coulden

Our story is like many others that find themselves in a “Reno Nightmare”. We had hired a company to help us update our kitchen cabinets. As many renovations go, the scope of work seemed to grow and the cabinets suddenly became the whole kitchen….floors, removal of popcorn ceiling, a structural wall being removed, pot lighting added, etc. It became apparent vary quickly that hiring this company was a huge mistake. The demo seemed to move fine but that was short lived. They began to show up later in the day if at all. Weeks went by with us finding ourselves with the biggest mess ever. No floors, no lights, no sink, no cupboards, no appliances….you get what I am saying. After a dozen excuses and broken promises by this contractor we had to finally take our losses and try to figure out how to rebuild.

I found Unique Quality Contractors by chance when surfing websites. When we originally met up, Stephen told me they would take on this challenge of helping me out of this horrible situation but they were busy for at least another 10 weeks. At this point, it didn’t much matter to us. We had lived in such a disaster for so long (6 months) that we were fine to wait.

We could not have been more pleased with the whole process. Stephen and Jarek were respectful of our space, and worked efficiently and professionally from start to finish.

Fast forward…..not only did they complete our kitchen, we then hired them later to finish our whole main floor. And if that wasn’t enough. …..Just recently we had them back for a 3rd time to completely do a full basement rebuild.

All in all, I would trust Unique Quality Contractors to do any other renovation work we may want done in the future and will definitely refer them to any friends or family. Every penny we spent was well worth it.

Thanks for saving my world!

Samantha, Sherwood Park

I was impressed with Stephen @ Unique Quality Contractors.

My mom was doing a kitchen reno and hired this company They were quick to get back to my mom with an estimate that made sense. Job pricing was broken down to make it easy to understand what the project would look like and where the money was going.

My mom works full time so when she hire someone to come into her home, she had to be assured that she would be comfortable with the people who will be there all day every day.

With UQC, she did not have to worry at all about who (if anyone) was home at any time. When I visit my mom I know she is pleased with the project, the manner in which the work was completed and the professionalism of Unique Quality Contractors.



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